Kulttuuripaja Saimaa

Kulttuuripaja Saimaa is a project financed by STEA (2021-2023). The goal of the activity is to promote the well-being, daily life management, inclusion and strengthening of social skills of young adults. Kulttuuripaja Saimaa's activities are meant for young adults aged 18-35.

The culture workshop is based on guided functional peer support, i.e. the GFP model. The focus is on groups guided by peer counserols. Trained peer counselors plan and organize different groups that they enjoy and are interested in. The culture workshop's activities are completely visitor-oriented. All visitors are influencing the content of the community and its activities.

Participating in the activity is free of charge and you can come as yourself and you don't need any previous skills for attending to the groups. You can also come to the cultural workshop just to hang out with other visitors or even alone!