You for peer counselor?

Would you like to try directing something and at the same time organize something meaningful for others? The groups are run by peer counselors who are trained in their role. Acting as a peer counselor is completely voluntary. Peer counselor, or "vertsikka", can plan and implement the activities they want according to their own schedules, life situation and resources. The topic of the group comes from you yourself, it can be your hobby or interest that you would like to teach others.

Peer counselor training consists of six four-hour training sessions, and the seventh session is a graduation party, where you get a certificate of training.

During the training, we go over: 

  • Cultural workshop practices 
  • Planning for the future group 
  • Self-knowledge, strengths 
  • Interaction 
  • Own coping 
  • Social skills
  • Counselor training
If necessary, the employees support the peer counselors even after the training with regular debriefing discussions, peer supervision, where the peer counselors get to deconstruct the challenging situations of the previous episode, questions that came to mind and experiences of success. Various recreational activities are also organized for peer counselors as a counterweight to holding group activities. The employees are always present in the house and the employees are responsible for challenging situations.
Peer counselors are required to treat group members and other workshop visitors in a friendly and matter-of-fact manner, as well as the ability to commit to schedules and agreements. No special skills are needed, an enthusiastic attitude to lead the group is enough.

The next peer counselor training starts in the spring!